Painting Tips

Q: What types of surfaces is Blue Dolphin Masking Tape recommended for use on?
A: Can be used previously painted walls & ceilings, baseboards, door & window frames, lacquered/varnished woodwork, metal knobs & hinges, plastic outlets, ceramic & natural stone tiles or countertops, glass & mirror, and many more.

Q: How long can Blue Dolphin Masking Tape be left on the surface?
A: Up to 14 days if exposed to direct sunlight & UV and up to 30 days if not, for best results remove tape after 24 hours.

Q: How long does the paint have to be dry before applying Blue Dolphin Masking Tape?
A: We recommend only be applied to fully cured painted surfaces – that is paint that has been allowed to dry for over 14 days, preferably 30 days.

Q: If there is a residue left from the tape, how do I remove it?
A: Residue left from Blue Dolphin Masking Tape can easily be removed using soap and water, or window cleaner.

Q: What is the best way to remove Blue Dolphin Masking Tape after painting?
A: Slowly pull the tape off at a 90 degree angle while the paint is wet or dry. However, if the paint is completely dry use a cutting device (like a razor blade) to cut the tape loose, and ensuring a nice clean edge.

Q: What is the best way to apply Blue Dolphin Masking Tape to a surface?
A: Apply the tape in increments of 12″ (preferrably) as opposed to one long strip. If you apply tape in one long strip it stretches the tape, referred to as flagging, preventing the tape from laying flat and sticking to the surface. This results in paint bleeding under the tape leaving an unclean edge.